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Test Centre of Excellence - TCoE


Now more than ever, enterprises are pushed to introduce new technologies and systems at record speed – Digital, Social, Mobile, AI, ML and Cloud technologies to stay relevant in competitive and customer driven market.Large Corporates’ which inculcate end-to-end business process testing with an aim to maximize ROI from QA Initiatives, accelerate innovation and promote a culture of continuous quality. A center of excellence for software testing is core to reducing time to market, improving user experience, reducing customer churn and in turn reduces risk to the organization. TCOE provides an integrated set of repeatable activities focused on achieving positive business objectives. Adoption of relevant tool eco-system is quintessential for a effective TCOE.

As per Forrester, “IT organizations looking to improve their testing practices often opt to centralize some or all test-related activities in a Testing Center of Excellence (COE).”

Do you resonate with any below scenarios?

  •      Want to lower technology risk, Faster projects and on-time, on-budget execution.
  •      Enabling Agile DevOps and “Shift Left” methodologies.
  •      Increased ability to execute new innovations.
  •     Lower resource, systems maintenance costs, and increased staff efficiency .


A center of excellence for software testing provides a framework for agile methodologies, eliminates redundancies, ensures high business process quality, and reduces risk to the organization.

  • Test Assessment focuses on aspects of preparedness – People, Process, Technology & Enterprise landscape.
  • Establish a leadership structure with an executive sponsor, steering committee, IT and business subject matter experts, and team members dedicated to the project.
  • Manage the TCOE like a project with an established charter, carefully defined success criteria, clear role definitions, and objectives.
  • Identify automation opportunities.
  • Develop best practices.

  • Ivavsys Differentiators
    •      Streamlined TCoE approach.
    •     Structured questionnaire to perform assessment of current testing maturity.
    •      Robust Test Automation framework enabling jump-start towards complete test suite automation.
    •     Continuous Testing as part of DevOps pipeline.

    Tools Expertise:
    •      MicroFocus ALM
    •     ITM from Ivavsys