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Test Automation


Do you resonate with any below scenarios?

  • Test automation should enable agile development with continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • To achieve costs benefits on automation within fewer release cycles.
  • Incurrence of unreasonably high operational costs.
  • Tests need to be automated at component or API layer without relying on the UI.
  • Need to run a time-consuming long running regression test suite after every change.
  • Business test cases requiring a great deal of precision or many simple, repetitive tests .
  • Business test cases that use multiple data values for the same actions.
  • Tests that run on several different hardware or software platforms and configurations.
  • Repeated execution of test cases can be automated to reduce the execution cycle times and guarantee a higher testing efficiency. The automation of test cases is conducted through a robust automation framework to ensure scalability and agility. It also removes the burden from QA to repeatedly run regression tests which saves time for QA to focus on other testing activities.Test Automation, when done right, can be very beneficial to the software development lifecycle because it can provide quick feedback to the team when a new feature has been developed.A continuous and progressive automation of test cases is the preferred approach to ensure a growing suite of automated test cases both functional and regression.


    Test Automation leverages automation tool to execute your test cases. The automation tool allows us to execute business scenario testing repeatedly without any human efforts. This results in multiple test runs being executed in parallel mode and the reporting being communicated real time including defect details.

  • Identification of automation candidate.
  • Automation feasibility studies.
  • Automation framework setup.
  • Script design &preparation, Reporting structure.
  • Automated Test execution dry run.
  • Result analysis and reporting.

  • Ivavsys Differentiators
    •     We approach client engagements with fresh ideas and practicality owing to our automation experts’ hands on operational experience as transformational catalysts.
    •     Extensive set of intellectual property, tools, automation framework and industry-leading research enriches client tool ecosystem..
    •      Our industry experience across gamut of domains gives us a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges, business processes and regulatory and competitive environment.
    •      With the use of action driven approach, end to end flow across business scenarios would be divided across reusable actions.
    •     With structured implementation of reusable actions and modular approach, it can be easily and independently extended to new business scenarios

    Tools Expertise:

    Open Source–

    •     JMeter
    •     Gatling
    •     OpenSTA

    Commercial Tools –

    •     HP LoadRunner
    •      RPT
    •      VSTS
    •      BlazeMeter
    •      Neoload