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Performance Testing


The need for performance testing is becoming increasingly important as IT organizations develop bimodal capability to support the speed and quality demands of mobile, digital business transformation initiatives and the Internet of Things (IoT).Rapidly maturing cloud technologies are a key driver for Performance Testing solutions. Raised expectation for a high-performance end-user experience drive the need for development organizations to expand their quality focus to include performance testing across life cycles.

  •      Business critical applications need to be performance tested based on need.
  •      No degradation of performance of existing applications for current and future loads.
  •      Client facing sites performance up to customer satisfaction.
  •      Performance testing at reduced efforts for reduced time to market.


Performance Testing will be conducted to determine application’s responsiveness and stability under a planned workload for performance intensive business critical scenarios. A well-defined strategy will guide the testers to progress in the PT lifecycle stages.

  •      Performance requirement gathering.
  •      Test strategizing.
  •      Script design and preparation.
  •      Test execution – iterative model.
  •      Result analysis and reporting.

Ivavsys Differentiators
  •      Structured questionnaire to capture customer expectations.
  •      NFR gathering framework, Accelerators and Solutions.
  •      Help customer to identify scope in terms of business-critical transactions and finalize Performance test types.
  •     Recommendations and suggest next steps.

Tools Expertise:

Open Source–

  •     JMeter
  •     Gatling
  •     OpenSTA

Commercial Tools –

  •     HP LoadRunner
  •      RPT
  •      VSTS
  •      BlazeMeter
  •      Neoload